1 Hour Nutritional Consultation

1 Half Hour Follow Up

Custom Diet Typing Assessment Testing

6 Week Metabolic Rest

10 Week Gut Rebuilding Program 

MRT Food Sensitivity Test (blood)

BiomeFX Stool Testing

GI Map and DUTCH Functional Testing

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis





1 Hour Nutritional Consult

1/2 Hour check in

A great start! Learn the basics. Discuss your health concerns, create a plan and be heard. Receive diet suggestions to start healing.

Advanced Diet Typing® Assessment

Achieve maximum results with the Diet Typing® Assessment. This is a highly advanced online testing system that identifies your Metabolic Type® with precision and clarity. Your assessment includes the Advanced Metabolic Typing® online questionnaire, 1 hour instructional consultation and a follow up email to assist in fine tuning your custom diet foods, portion sizes and other supplement recommendations. You will receive your MT results via email; this includes multi-faceted, comprehensive reports complete with diet recommendations, vitamin and mineral recommendations, lifestyle and detoxification recommendations and much more.

4 Week Metabolic Makeover

Fat loss Coaching, Custom Diet Typing, 1 hour + 3 half hour sessions to get you losing inflammation and fat so you feel amazing! Menu plans, food charts, macro and portion formulas to target maximum fat loss, supplement recommendations, and workout suggestions. 

6 Week Metabolic Mastery Plan

The program will assist you in fat loss or health building by utilizing everything included in the basic Metabolic Typing® package with the benefits of weekly one on one coaching sessions offering a unique prospective and access to additional tests looking for healing opportunities as they arise in your weekly sessions. If you’ve ever struggled with your weight or health, then this customized 6 week program for you!

10-12 Week Total Gut Transformation-coming soon! 


Hypnotherapy is a perfect tool to assist you in asking those questions getting a better understanding of what might really be going on. 

This session is approx. 2 hours. This can easily and safely be done via Zoom. To schedule contact me via phone call or email and I will assist you with prep to insure a successful session. These sessions are liberating and soulful. Access your true Self, liberate and rewire old patterns that no longer serve the true You.