1 Hour Nutritional Consultation

Metabolic Typing Assessment Testing

8-Week Weight Loss/Lifestyle Program  

MRT Food Sensitivity Test (blood)

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 

GI Map and DUTCH Functional Testing

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

QHHT or BHQ Hypnotherapy Session  




1 Hour Nutritional Consult-$105 (Enrolled Students-$90)

1/2 Hour check in-$65

A great start! Learn the basics. Discuss your health concerns, create a plan and be heard. Receive diet suggestions to start healing. Conduct lab testing if appropriate - GI MAP stool test (uncovers pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and parasites - along with other important digestive and inflammatory markers), The DUTCH Complete (most accurate test that provides a complete assessment of hormonal health.) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (uncovers mineral imbalances and heavy metal accumulation), or food allergy testing.

Basic Metabolic Typing® Assessment-$199

The Metabolic Typing® Assessment is a highly advanced online testing system that identifies your Metabolic Type® with precision and clarity. Your assessment includes the Advanced Metabolic Typing® online questionnaire, 1 hour instructional consultation and a follow up emails to assist in fine tuning your food recommendations. You will receive your MT results via email; this includes multi-faceted, comprehensive reports complete with diet recommendations, vitamin and mineral recommendations, lifestyle and detoxification recommendations and much more.

8 Week Metabolic Typing® Diet and Lifestyle Program-$720 

The program will assist you in fat loss or health building by utilizing everything included in the basic Metabolic Typing® package with the benefits of weekly one on one coaching sessions offering a unique prospective and access to additional tests looking for healing opportunities as they arise in your weekly sessions. If you’ve ever struggled with your weight or health, then this customized 8 week program for you!

HYP*NOURISH-$200 Hypnotherapy is a perfect tool to assist you in asking those questions getting a better understanding of what might really be going on. 

This session is 2 hours. This can easily and safely be done via Zoom. To schedule contact me via phone call or email and I will assist you with prep to insure a successful session. These sessions are liberating and soulful. Access your true Self, liberate and rewire old patterns that no longer serve the true You. 

Beyond Quantum® Healing Session-$200

QHHT® or Beyond Quantum Healing session will guide you in discovering root causes for ailments and challenges through achieving deep levels of hypnosis. Through questions and visualization this healing session facilitates a dialogue with your Subconscious accompanied by perspective unique to your past experiences and present conditions. QHHT® is a safe and effective method for bypassing the chatter of the conscious mind and accessing wisdom, truth and resources for cultivating physical, mental and emotional health.

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