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I offer a real-life, no nonsense approach to health and wellness using food, botanical supplements, and healing protocols to get you healing. As a qualified practitioner of personal nutrition I use data driven testing and functional blood work results (that you already have from your doctor) to assess your health concerns. I also use clinical lab tests like DUTCH and GI Map to assess your biochemical needs looking at your digestive, hormonal and detoxification systems. With the accurate results from such tests, we identify the cause of your symptoms and compile an individualized plan to help you reach your goals. My program can help you strengthen your immune system, lose stubborn weight/fat, reverse disease, slow down aging, and improve mental clarity.

There is no accident that I’m obsessed with nutrition! What we eat fuels these amazing bodies of ours! Not only do I love the ins and outs of how our bodies work, but I’m also looking for answers to solve my own stubborn digestive issues!

I believe I suffer from an antibiotic induced illness called dysbiosis, in layman’s terms, a few years back I took a round or two of antibiotics that destroyed my normal gut flora and have suffered on and off ever since. I work long and hard learning all I can to rebuild my gut health and have an arsenal of tools that I can share to help you too!

Gut health and your microbiome are essential to our overall health-we are exposed to so many things that can disrupt this delicate balance and I want to help you learn more! If you suffer from inflammatory symptoms like gas, bloat, pain, constipation or diarrhea, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, sugar or alcohol craving. Let me assist you to naturally heal and feel like yourself again!

My specialty is working with people of all ages who just cannot gain control of their health. Whether it is helping those who could never lose weight finally reach their goals or helping with digestive, mood, and behavior issues, her expertise lies in developing personalized nutrition and wellness programs for individuals based on their needs and goals.

I believe we are just scratching the surface in our understanding of the human body.

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