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Custom Diet


Your dietary needs are as unique as your fingerprints.  
Learn to master your metabolism and get lasting results!

Foods themselves are not good OR bad. Dietary solutions need to be tailored to individuals, because what works for one person may have no effect on another person, and may make a third person worse.


As an example : Eskimos thrive on very large quantities of meat and fat while people born in the tropics stay  healthy eating fruits, grains and  other  light vegetarian  fare.



The goal of Diet Typing* is to eat for your biochemical individuality -allowing you to build and restore health at the cellular and functional level.  



Typing Categories

When you identify your diet type*, you'll know how to select just the right "body fuel", foods, food combinations and nutrients that will enable your body to function at peak efficiency.


There are 3 main Diet Typing* categories: 

Carb, Protein, and Balanced/Mixed Types.  



In truth, there are as many types as there are people.  Individual attention is necessary to provide understanding of YOUR specific metabolic patterns.



.  Improve IBS, thyroid health, balance hormones

.  Optimize your physical energy and your mental clarity

.  Lose fat and maintain your ideal weight

.  Strengthen immunity

.  Slow down the aging process

.  Enhance athletic performance

.  Overcome mood swings and depression

   Reduce Inflammation


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