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Diet Plan

Areas of Expertise


Take the guess work out of it! I teach you how to eat the right percentage of macronutrients, i.e. proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. My diet will be easy to follow. Normalize your weight, maximize metabolism while eliminating sweet cravings.  Learn to eat for your body and quit guessing!! Learn how much food you need and when you should eat it. 

Fat Loss

Understand the relationship that food has to your hormones. Insulin and cortisol are powerful and are largely influenced by what you eat and when you eat it. Using tools to learn exactly how your body responds will give you momentum with losing fat forever.

Peptide Therapy

Introducing next level healing using Peptides. Peptides are amino acid chains that the body makes naturally and as we age, that function goes away. Take your health back to the future with amazing new protocols designed to increase your fat loss, lower inflammation, increase immune function, increase longevity and so much more. Your entire body can be renewed using peptides, proper diet, exercise, lifestyle and knowledge, you can almost return to factory settings! This is an exciting time for me because I get to share my tool kit! Move aside supplements, peptides are here! Schedule today!

Peri/Menopausal Support

 One of the main reasons for weight gain starting in the perimenopausal years is the slowing of metabolism. You can attribute the decrease in metabolism to thyropause, changes in estrogen levels, and increased cortisol. Studies have shown that the loss of estrogen in post-menopausal women is linked with increased abdominal fat. However, estrogen dominance also leads to weight gain around the middle. Healthy hormone balance relies on optimal gut health and hormone levels can also be disrupted when your diet is off. Learn how to undiet and lose the fat.

My Approach

My unique, easy to follow approach improves your metabolism so you can lose fat, eliminate cravings, do away with bloat, and have more energy. I get that you've tried dieting; get off the rollercoaster of starvation and deprivation. Learn to balance your hormones using a well-formulated diet that is designed with women’s issues in mind. My protocol has elements to keep hormones in balance including a detox component, a modified carb count, intermittent fasting and more. My protocol contributes to healthy gut function, improved hormones, and significant fat loss. We look at root causes for the personal transformation that you need now. Enjoy a healthy and sustainable weight that you can maintain for years. If you’re over thirty-five, let me save you decades of struggle.⁠


Come for the weight loss, stay for longevity. Both issues share the same root cause.

My qualifications and certifications-

Certified Nutritional Consultant, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist,

Certified Metabolic Advisor, Certified Amino Acid Specialist,

Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Peptide Consultant,

Functional Bloodwork Specialist, Gut Thrive Practitioner


                             Connie Rutledge 2023 age 61

My Approach

 Happy Clients

Thank you ever so much for helping me with Custom Diet and hormones.  I was unable to lose weight no matter what I did…and after visiting with you in August, I have lost between eight and ten pounds.  This morning I weighed 180.0!

And the best of all is that I NEVER feel hungry.

Thanks, Connie, I appreciate your help.


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