What clients are saying:

Thank you ever so much for helping me with Metabolic Typing.  I was unable to lose weight no matter what I did…and after visiting with you in August, I have lost between eight and ten pounds.  This morning I weighed 180.0!

And the best of all is that I NEVER feel hungry.

Thanks, Connie, I appreciate your help.


I've had GERD for over a year and did not know how to heal it. In fact, I didn't think I'd ever heal it but would have to just deal with the symptoms. About a month ago, I had a consultation with Connie. Three weeks later, having followed her recommendations, I'm having no symptoms. She gave me very specific recommendations. The interesting part of all this is that she intuitively knew what to recommend. Made me feel like this wasn't just a rote list of recommendations. But instead, that these instructions, supplements, amounts of macronutrients, were customized to me. I am feeling not just better ~ I'm feeling good. The side effects have included losing weight, increased energy, decreased anxiety and increased sense of well-being. I highly recommend Connie! She's a wizard in our muggle world!

Melissa V.

Honestly I've never felt so amazing!It's funny to think back to my first meeting and how frustrated and confused I was. I have settled down and have gradually made the suggested changes and I feel the best I have felt in a very long time! Jenna K.

Hello Connie,
 I am a previous client of yours from about ten years ago. You completely changed my life during a very confusing and stressful time and you even did it while I was living in a different state! The problems with my body were mainly hormonal and upon following your recommendations, in less than one year, I was a healthy and normal person again.  I have fortunately, been able to stay healthy…but I always knew that if problems should arise with me, I would be in contact with you again. Thank you very much!
~Jennifer B.

"I came to Connie's work having watched Jill Renee Feeler talk about the integrity of Connie's work and seeing how impacted she had been by their work together. I'm a channel myself but had felt held back by sustained periods of exhaustion ttavelling across some 9 years and me really not understanding what my body needed to thrive. 


I'm still on this deep journey into hearing my body ~ it's ongoing work, communication and listening and I don't always succeed! 


But Connie's work feels like a really important piece ~ the foundation from which I am now better informed and able to better understand how to create more balance in my life through food.


I don't eat perfectly every day. I'm reluctant to adhere to any system really (~ its counter to my wiring as I'm a natural questioner of everything. ) 


But even so, this system and Connie's intuitive abilities are hugely helpful. 


When it comes down to it when I eat closer to my metabolic type I feel so much better. And it's the first time in a long time that I haven't experienced exhaustion. 


This is so important and impacts not just upon my health and happiness, but even my future business and creations as a channel. 


My capacity to expand into my abilities and business absolutely require the support of the right foods - so yes - I would recommend working with Connie 100 per cent, even if you're a slightly stubborn client as I am - even if you dip in and out of what's recommended. It's absolutely worth knowing your food needs better and Connie's work helps hugely in that


And Connie herself is warm, attentive and hugely passionate about her work. She takes time spent with you seriously. She gives more than is asked honestly so I would whole heartedly recommend working with Connie. Leila L. from London

I believe that the diet Connie provided me changed my life.                            ~Kathy S.

After a couple of visits, Connie had my issues on the mend! She didn't just 'fix' my issues, she educated me about why certain foods could create problems for my body type. I am grateful for the knowledge that I now use everyday  to continue to feel healthy and happy. Theresa B.

It was as if Connie knew me! I now have a customized plan to follow~

In my 60 min session with Connie, all of her knowledge, expertise, intuition and care were evident. She packed an enormous amount of information into our conversation, covering all of my questions and giving me a solid plan to follow. I loved that she really saw me, and heard me, giving me tons of specifics and saying “I know you like detail…” , which was amazing considering we’d just met! Connie validated my own body wisdom and experiences, and incorporated those into her recommendations, rather than giving me some generic guidelines. I highly recommend Connie and feel really excited about what we discussed and how I can implement it in my daily life. Tracy S. in Australia

I highly recommend Connie to anyone who
wants to feel and function their best at any age. She is highly knowledgeable,  professional,  and encourages her clients.        Carol G.  

“I’m 59 years old and was diagnosed recently with very high cholesterol. Of course our medical community wants to put everyone on Statins which I flatly refused. As an alternative I contacted Connie Rutledge to get some help with nutritional counseling. Over the last 25 years I’ve managed to collect an additional 40 lbs. I’ve tried different forms of dieting, all of which have failed miserably so when Connie did a metabolic test on me and came up with suggestions on how and what to eat I wasn’t really expecting results. Boy was I wrong. In less than three months I’ve lost 16 lbs, lowered my cholesterol by 50 points and feel better than I’ve felt in years. Basically what I had been doing for years was so completely wrong for my body type. I was bloated, sluggish every afternoon and had very achy joints. I’ve always eaten healthy, but I was just eating the wrong kinds of food for me. I basically now eat only single ingredient foods, meaning whole, fresh, organic and grass fed. My diet is made up of good quality protein (I love all game meats, very lean), plenty of vegetables and fruit. I’ve cut all processed foods out of my diet and feel 125% better than I ever have. Food is now a fuel for my body and if you want to run well, you need good fuel.  I thank Connie Rutledge for getting me on the right path to much better health. Life is very good!!!” Hilary K.