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It has been my observation that most of us who are struggling to achieve optimal health thru healthy eating and lifestyle changes find that there is often a deeper component - a spiritual disconnect may be at work. I have found in my sessions with clients, after we get the basic diagnostic nutrition figured out, many times there might be a few pesky issues still hanging around. Hypnosis creates a perfect time to inquire and start to question what is really going on in relationship to a health issue or behavior pattern. HYP*NOURISH Hypnotherapy is a perfect tool to assist you in asking those questions getting a better understanding of what might really be going on. 

This session is approx.1 hour and the cost is $200.00. This can easily and safely be done via Zoom. To schedule contact me via email and I will assist you with prep to insure a successful session. These sessions are liberating and soulful. Access your true Self, liberate and rewire old patterns that no longer serve the true You. What have you got to lose?

Beyond Quantum Healing Therapy® Session

A BQH® session will guide you in discovering root causes for ailments and challenges through achieving deep levels of hypnosis. Through questions and visualization this healing session facilitates a dialogue with your Subconscious accompanied by perspective unique to your past experiences and present conditions. QHHT® is a safe and effective method for bypassing the chatter of the conscious mind and accessing wisdom, truth and resources for cultivating physical, mental and emotional health.

This 12 minute Quantum Hypnosis Meditation provides an example of what you will experience in a session. I invite you to listen here and enjoy!

Quantum Hypnosis Meditation -
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