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It's no secret that intermittent fasting will allow you to tap into your stored fat. A longer fasting period will offer countless benefits for health and longevity. When you go without food, your body has no choice but to tap into your stored fat as fuel. The 20/4 method can potentially aid in fat loss through several mechanisms.


1. Hormone regulation: Fasting can affect hormones like growth hormone and norepinephrine, which play a role in fat metabolism. These hormone changes may enhance fat burning.

2. Autophagy: During fasting, the body many undergo a process call autophagy, where it breaks down and recycles damages cells. This will contribute to fat loss and overall cellular health.

3. Insulin Regulation: Extended fasting periods can improve insulin sensitivity, this helps your body better regulate glucose levels. Lower insulin levels will encourage fat cells to release stored fat for energy! We want this!!

4. Calorie Restriction: Fasting for 18-20 hours typically reduces your overall calorie intake for the day. The reduced calorie intake will result in overall weight loss.

5. Appetite Control: Fasting helps many with food noise and reduced cravings. When you can retrain your habits to refrain from eating for a period of time, your overall resolve will improve. It's easy to stick to your diet when you are successfully practicing intermittent fasting.


The 3-5 day 20/4 IF method is designed to offer a quick reset to get your body back to burning fat. By varying up your IF's you will ensure that you continue to keep the body guessing making your efforts more efficient for lasting fat loss and longevity.


  • Fast for 20 hours

  • 4-hour eating window

  • No required macros for your eating window

  • Eat whole food only

  • Mindfully chew your food

  • Eat until comfortably full and satiated

  • Water, coffee, tea or bone broth are OK during your fasting window

  • Stop eating 2 hours before bedtime


Intermittent fasting is a tool, if you suffer from underlying health conditions that impact your overall health, you will want supervision when fasting. Please be mindful that there is no one size fits all method. Proper diet and lifestyle are essential for a successful fat loss plan.


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