One hour Basic Nutritional Consultation

Metabolic Typing Assessment Testing

8-Week Weight Loss/Lifestyle Program  

MRT Food Sensitivity Test (blood)  

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

QHHT Session  





Quit Guessing and Succeed

No Nonsense Fat Loss


Together we go deep to maximize your weight loss results using a data driven system to streamline your efforts to fat loss. We teach you amazing tricks and tools to balance your body by understanding how food works for you and how to eat creating a balanced and funtioning metabolism. We use an extensive test that takes into account your food preferences, psychological traits, body structure, digestion, genetic factors and more to determine what food and nutrients you need to get results right now!

Learn how to mindfully make good choices using your food plan. Curb cravings and watch your body respond exactly the way you dreamed it could. 

Using this system, you learn how to eat right for your unique body. Understand how and why-It's time to understand how to loss the weight! 


  • - Find the right percentage of macronutrients-proteins, fats, and carbohydrates it takes to normalize your weight, maximize metabolism while eliminating sweet cravings.  Learn to eat for your body and quit guessing!! 

  • - Meet once a week for 8 weeks to fine tune the program and ensure accountability.  Each week is a new lesson to teach you how to succeed in maintaining your weight loss and continue to heal the body. 

  • - Create a no nonsense, easy to follow supplement program to support your weight loss journey.


It's time for you to succeed!

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