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One hour Basic Nutritional Consultation

Metabolic Typing Assessment Testing

8-Week Weight Loss/Lifestyle Program  

MRT Food Sensitivity Test (blood)  

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

QHHT Session  








Make an appointment to go over your health concerns and get information on taking the Metabolic Typing Assessment.  This extensive test takes into account your food preference, psychological traits, body structure, digestion, genetic factors and more to determine how your specific body type is metabolizing food and nutrients right now.


Then we create your unique individual plan based on the results of the test and your lifestyle as follows:


- Find the right percentage of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates it takes to normalize your weight, while eliminating any cravings.  


- Meet once a week for 8 weeks to fine tune the program and ensure accountability.  Afterwards, you may continue until you reach your goal weight.


- Create a customized supplement program if needed.


Each week we will meet to discuss the best ways for you to succeed in your program.  You may also come back periodically for follow-up testing to monitor your progress and chart your success!