Preparation for your Healing Session

It is helpful to prepare a list of questions to explore during your session. Please type and print your questions or hand write them, clearly and legibly, and bring them with you to session.


Here are some examples of questions to help you. There is no limit to how many questions you can ask.



  • What is my purpose in life? What am I meant / supposed to be doing in this life time?

  • What lessons am I meant to learn in this life time?



  • I suffer from ..... Why is this happening? How can I improve my symptoms?

  • I feel stuck or depressed. What tools can I use to assist?

  • I had an (description) accident in (month/year)… Why did that happen?

  • What nutrients might I need to assist my physical body?

  • What can I do to improve my overall health?



  • I struggle with my partner / family member/ friend? Why is that? How can it be healed? What do I need to do to improve the relationship?

  • Why was I abused as a child? Why is it affecting my life? How can it be healed?

  • Who is my soul mate? Will I be with her/him this lifetime?

  • Who in this lifetime is from a past life and why are they with me now?

  • Could I check on my grand/mother/father (family member/friend/pet) who are on the other side? Are there any messages for me?



  • Why do I do my current job or career? 

  • What work am I meant to be doing? What direction should I go?



  • What happens after we die?

  • How can I communicate after the session with my mother who passed away?

  • Do ETs exist? 

  • Who are my Guides/ Angels?

  • I keep seeing this symbol? What does it mean?


No question is off limits; be creative and thorough.