This detoxification program has been designed to help support the body in mobilizing and excreting stored xenobiotics and chemical toxins.  It is a 10-day program that can be repeated as often as you like, though it is always recommended that you first talk with your doctor before starting this program.

The Walsh Detoxification Program consists of three basic principles necessary for the elimination of  stored xenobiotics:

Mobilization: This is the liberation of stored xenobiotics from tissues and cells, and is accomplished by calorie restriction, consuming specific macronutrient ratios, time restricted feeding, exercise, and  sauna sessions.


Detoxification: This is the proper metabolism and biotransformation of xenobiotics through all four phases of detoxification, so they can be effectively excreted and eliminated from the body. This is accomplished through the consumption of specific foods, beverages, and supplements, such as St. John’s Word, probiotics, and CoQ10.

 Excretion: This is the elimination of detoxified xenobiotics from the body and is accomplished by sweating during exercise and sauna, and specific binding supplements such as fiber, activated charcoal, chitosan, modified citrus pectin.


Contact me today to schedule a consultation about the program or to order visit my online store to purchase products.

Program cost is $129.00 not including supplements and food. 




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